EN : Jiayou - new version released, and secret link to early prototype !

Jiayou V1.03 is released !

With more explanations, and some secret link to our early prototype.

Play it there


Some visual explanations

Main changes :

  • Visual explanations - It will now be much easier for the player the grab the tactical subtilities between the different viruses...
  • Stars on level - The game will remember how well you have performed. And you can come bacl later to improve your score
  • About page - You will finally get to know better who made that, and why. There might also be a secret link to our early prototype lurking there ;-)
  • and many more little yet important things...

What might come next ?

We plan on keeping developping the game, and exploring ways to add to the Covid-19 epidemic narration. They main story has been written while the local epidemic was become a pandemic. But now, we ourselves are confined... There is much more to say about that. So you can expect some interesting achievments, and more talkative characters ;-)

Oh, and maybe a "costum play mode" ! But we will see...

Have a good game !
And as we say, "Stay the fuck at home"

Play Jiayou Memovirus there

Get Jiayou MemoVirus

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